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The secret weapon of pastry and ice cream professionals.

Sweetacus is a technical toolbox for pastry and ice cream professionals that takes advantage of the best qualities of the internet - crowdsharing, crowdsourcing, and cloud storage - to gather technical information regarding ingredients and production techniques, leveraging the collective knowledge of professionals from across the globe.

Other popular social networks boast billions of users, making it practically impossible for you to find and communicate with colleagues. Sweetacus is dedicated exclusively to pastry and ice cream professionals so that you can easily share your knowledge and skills, or learn from the collective experience of others both near and far.

Follow people and companies to receive updates every time they make a contribution to the community – adding ingredients, sharing recipes, writing a blog, reviewing a company or product, offering expert tips, or simply sharing whatever’s on their mind.

Sweetacus uses the power of crowdsourcing to build an authoritative ingredient database. Members add new ingredients and update existing ones, entering technical nutrient data like sugars, fats, and vitamins; critical indices like calories, freezing point, and relative sweetness; and other information like allergens, media, and descriptions.

The current database is built on a foundation of thousands of ingredients drawn from official sources like the USDA. And we look forward to adding many others thanks to the collaboration of Sweetacus members and ingredient manufacturers.

The crowdsourced ingredients are the building blocks for recipes that you create for your own cloud-based private collection. You can then choose to share these recipes with a selected few colleagues or the full global community. Recipes can include descriptions, images of the finished product, illustrations for step-by-step instructions, and preparation times for the various phases. Thanks to the Sweetacus ingredient database, recipes also include critical information like allergens, total calories, fat and sugar content, and other nutrient values. The single ingredient quantities can be recalculated either based on the total desired yield or on the availability of a single ingredient.

Sweetacus also includes important technical tools designed for professionals, like a balancing program for ice cream, gelato, and ganache. You can also create new sorbet recipes in just seconds by using the wizards that ask you a few questions and then automatically calculate the necessary ingredients for a finished recipe.

In Sweetacus, a Resource is any member – like you! – or a company that supplies ingredients, equipment, or services to the trade. Members and companies create home pages where they present themselves and their services or products. These home pages include statistics for all contributions to Sweetacus – creation and updating of ingredients, sharing of recipes, writing reviews or blogs, entering information about resources – so that everybody can see who is adding value to the community.

Members can also create pages for businesses that are not members of Sweetacus, providing contact information and reviews about their products and services. If a company later decides to become an active member of Sweetacus, it can take control of this page, making it Official, and manage its content fully and directly.

Sweetacus offers its members a soapbox from which they can delve extensively into a wide range of subjects and trends that affect the trade on a regional or global level. Members are free to publish blogs that will be read and reviewed by the full community, creating an opportunity for debates on important themes and developments.

Sweetacus members have well-formed opinions about products and equipment they are using or have used over the years, so why not share those opinions with the rest of the community? Let others know about your experiences by writing 1- to 5-star reviews about ingredients and companies. Or if you are about to make a purchase, check out the reviews beforehand and, if necessary, contact the writer directly to learn more about their experience.

Members can also read and write reviews about recipes that have been shared with the full community, saving you time and money before trying a recipe that may or may not be worth the effort.

It can take years to learn all there is to know about the pastry and ice cream trade. It’s a complex environment and besides the product itself an entrepreneur has to deal with lots of matters on a daily basis: ingredient research, production operations, HACCP, marketing, administration, and much more. The Expert Tips section is an area where experienced artisans can share their acquired knowledge subject by subject with the rest of the community, a sort of sweet encyclopedia.


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